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Seven Months of Travel.

In 2014 I brought an old campervan and drove it down through France, Switzerland, Italy and Spain. I travelled over 6000 miles and explored many differnt landscapes. Here are a few of the photographs I took along the way.

SP255, Maritime Alps, Italy. 2014


Bernese Alps. Switzerland. 2014


Sierra de los Filabres, Spain. 2014


Diabretes Glacier, Switzerland. 2014


They de Bericles Et Palissade, France. 2014


Calar Alto Observatory, Spain. 2014


La Herradura, Spain. 2014


La Manga, Spain. 2014


Embaise del Negratin, Spain. 2014


Parc des Ardenes, France. 2014


Rock of Gibraltor, Spain. 2015


Diabretes Glacier, Switzerland. 2014



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