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I started experimenting with making 360 degree time-lapse films back in 2010. Intially using just one DSLR camera on a motorized pan-head unit I built using stepper motors from an old printer and controlled with an Arduino microprocessor board, I succussfully captured a number of test 360 degree time-lapse clips. Three of which you can see below, displayed as Stereographic projections or 'little planets'.

But I quickly found limitations with this one camera set-up and later invested in a multi-cam rig allowing for greater creative freedom. I have now filmed 360 degree time-lapse films at many loctions including at over 10,000ft on the Diabretes Glacier, Switzerland, and plan to continue to build on this body of work.

First Multi-Cam 360 Night Time-lapse shot. Brighton, UK. 2013

Stereographic Projections.

These are some of my intial test 360 degree time-lapse clips shot with one camera and motorised pan-head unit. These were screen as part of the 'Final Light: Luminous Experiments for Glowing Creatures' Exhibition. at the Phoenix Arts Gallery, Brighton in 2012.

Stereographic Projection. MBPN#0.003. 2011


Stereographic Projection. MBPN#0.002. 2011


Stereographic Projection. MBPN#0.001. 2011



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